Space Market

Micropac is certified as a NASA Core Supplier and is qualified to Class K for MIL-PRF-38534 and JAN S for MIL-PRF-19500. Micropac has supplied space level microcircuit modules and components since the mid 1970’s. Our products have been used in “mission critical” applications on launch vehicles, spacecraft, Mars Rovers, the International Space Station, spacesuits, and space telescopes. One of our earliest programs was the Viking Lander, which used a custom power hybrid from Micropac. Satellite programs include classified programs, NASA, military and commercial satellites. Many different scientific instruments on spacecraft have used our designs. Other applications include star trackers, retro rocket firing mechanisms, camera systems, power distribution systems, motor controllers and thermostats. Products supplied for space include custom Multi-Chip Modules, Solid State Relays, Solid State Power Controllers, Optocouplers, and Hall Effect Devices. Standard products and custom designs are provided for space applications.